Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer 5ft 8in GET126



Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer 5ft 8in GW3000Kg GET126


Choosing from the fixed formation livestock trailer 5ft 8in range you are purchasing one of the best trailers on the market. With strength and reliability at the core of the design of the trailer.

Graham Edwards livestock trailers 5ft 8in wide have the wheels on the outside of the trailer which lowers the trailers centre of gravity and makes it more stable when being towed. Not only does it make for better towing, it lowers the chassis height which makes for easier loading of the trailer.

Graham Edwards Trailers specialists in products for the livestock industry. They have many years experience in developing trailers that are convenient, can be worked hard and will last many years.

For moving cattle, sheep, pigs or any other type of livestock, we have a trailer to suit


  • Max. Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W) 3000Kg
  • Cattle Partition
  • wheels 195 x 16
  • Tandem Axle
  • Full 7 pin Road Lighting
  • Spare wheel
  • Jockey wheel

Delivery maybe arranged please call 01254681953 for more details

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