Trailer Kit 750Kg Half kit Knott Avonride independent Suspension units with 10″ Wheels


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Trailer Kit 750Kg Half kit Knott Avonride independent Suspension units, 10″ Wheels, mudguards, hitch, secondary coupling.

  • Kit includes 1 x pair if Genuine Knott-Avonride 750Kg capacity independent suspension units with integrated 4″ PCD Hubs (wheel nuts included)
  • 2 x 10″ Wheels with 500-10 6 ply tyres with a load capacity of 425Kg each.
  • 2 x High quality plastic flexible mudguards for better crack resistance.
  • 1 x Genuine Knott-Avonride KQ14 pressed steel coupling head, rated to 1400Kg.
  • 1 x Secondary coupling (A legal requirement on un-braked trailers).

All these parts are the best quality we can get, we don’t simply go for the cheapest parts unlike some other sellers.

The reasons we have chosen mono block bearings are:

  • They are sealed for life bearings so require no maintenance unlike taper roller bearings that require regular cleaning and re-greasing.
  • They last longer than taper roller bearings due to being a much more solid design and build.
  • They run a lot better than taper roller bearings at high speeds, so perfect for motorways.
  • They run smoother than taper roller bearings, so much better on long journeys.