Universal Towbar Wiring Kit


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7 Pin 12n Universal Towbar Wiring Kit

7 pin socket
with screw connections (ISO 1724)
Supports vehicles with separate tail and brake lamp units
Supports vehicles with combined tail and brake lamp units (PWM)
No coding required
All functions are amplified
Trailer LED and bulb compatible
40-60 minutes installation time
Two years warranty

Kit includes:

1 x Pre-wired 12n socket with pre wired connections including battery cable for live connection & earth connection.

1 x  12v-Trailer Control Module.

Audible bulb failure warning.

1 x socket seal with fixing nuts.

9 x Scotch locks.

1 x Ring terminal.

2 x double sided adessive pads.

1 x Fuse holder & Fuse.

6 x Zip ties

1 x Fitting instruction


Modern cars have very sophisticated bulb failure and lamp control systems that constantly monitor the current consumption in individual wires – if you connect tow bar wiring straight on to the loom the computers can shut down, put on warning lamps or in some cases burn out!!

The control module relay draws only a tiny amount of power from the loom to trigger the internal relay banks – the main output power to the tow bar socket is provided from the 12-volt permanent relay power – this prevents the car from detecting the presence of the tow bar electrics and also protects the cars circuits as any short or problem with the trailer electrics will blow the fuse for the relay – not an expensive ECU!

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