1 x Axle set 200x50mm Trailer Brake Shoes & Springs KNOTT Type


1 Axle set Knott Type 200x50mm

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1 Axle set Knott Type 200x50mm

KNOTT TYPE 200×50 mm replacement brake shoes (89771005)

Equivalent to KNOTT part number 520066.004 (Ifor oe part number P000320)

Brake drum internal diameter 200 mm with a 50mm wide friction surface

Used since September 1992 on the following models BV4 & 5, CT115,
CT136SA, & CT136, Eurolight Range, GD4 & GD5 Range, GD6
(165R13 Wheels), GH64, GH94 & GH94BT, GX84, GX85 & GX105,
Horsebox range, LT range, LM85G, LM105G & LM125G, TA5G 8’,
10’ & 12’, All Tri axle models. TB range with 10’’ wheels,
TT2515, P6B, P7B, P8B, Q6B, Q7B & Q8B

If there is any doubt whether these are the correct shoes for your trailer then please call us on
01254 681953

1 axle sets – to service 2 brake drums – Kit includes 4 auto reverse compatible brake shoes and all hold down and tension springs .

These shoes should only be fitted as an axle set, fitting should be carried out by a competent person.