Trailer Parts Guide

Trailer Parts Guide

Trailer Parts Guide  :- We have tried to help you finding the trailer parts you may require by listing them in groups shown on the picture.

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Trailer Parts Guide

Trailer Accessories are the extra items you may need for your Trailer or caravan like towing aids, mirrors, ramps or securing straps, electric plug converts (7 to 13 or 13 to 7 pin plug connectors), Security couplings and wheel locks to deter the thieves and even winches for car transporter or boat trailers. We also supply spare wheels, spare wheel carriers and wheel covers.

Electrics & Sockets Older Trailers & Caravans may have 7 pin electrics (the socket that connects the electrics to the car & trailer) Newer trailers and caravans after 2008 may have electrics with 13 pin connectors. (trailers may have new 13 pin type connector but only have 8 pins in use) These plugs & sockets often get damaged effecting the operation of the trailer lights etc. We also sell the wiring, sockets & relays required on the towing vehicle.

Trailer couplings are rated for their pulling weight capacity, and have braked and none braked versions, trailers and caravans over 750Kg max loading will have brakes on the trailer wheels, requiring the correct mechanism on the coupling to apply the brakes and hand brake. Braked couplings also require servicing to maintain safe operation, we sell various service parts for this type of coupling, including bellows and dampers etc.

Jockey wheels are a useful extra for a small trailer to aid trailer manoeuvring and hitch up to the towing vehicle, we sell a all the items required to add a jockey wheel  to a small trailer, without the need for drilling. Jockey wheels are a necessity for heavy trailers and come in various weight ratings. we also sell the wheels separate to replace damaged ones, these come in various wheel widths & diameter sizes.

Covers & Accessories

Electrics & Sockets

Trailer Couplings

The Towing warehouse stock a comprehensive range of towing accessories including  Trailer & Caravan security , Spare wheel covers, Winches, Towing mirrors Storage boxes & Trailer covers etc

We supply a comprehensive range of vehicle towing equipment, trailer parts and accessories, such as towballs, ball and pin hitches, towing jaw, towsteps, bumper protectors and towball covers etc.

We stock the leading brand trailer couplings from Knott, Alko  Indespension Bradley and Maypole etc. We also stock a wide range of coupling spares, Accessories  & Security Locks etc.

We stock a range of jockey wheels from the main brand manufactures suitable for a small camping trailer, to a heavy duty commercial trailer. We also stock Jockey wheels and Clamps.

Bearings & Suspension

Trailer Mudguards

The Towing Warehouse supply a wide range of trailer Wheels and Tyres for 8″ 10″ 12″ & 13″trailer wheels with various stud patterns &  PCD measurements.

We stock a wide range of suspension parts for both braked and un-braked trailers in a wide range of weight capacities.

The Towing Warehouse stock a wide range of trailer mudguards in PVC or Galvanised suitable for single and twin axle trailers, in 8″ 10″ 12″ 13″ & 14″ trailer wheels sizes.

We stock wide range of trailer & caravan lights for most main brand trailers. Including rear lights, marker lights, number plate lights, fog lights and reversing lights, LED lights etc.