Fortress K Hitchlock (FORTK) for some Albe and Knott heads


The SAS Fortress hitchlock range is a versatile range of high security hitchlocks that can be fitted either when unhitched or hitched to your trailer or caravan.

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Fortress K Hitchlock (FORTK) (P/N 2160761)

Insurance approved hitchlock completely covers hitch head and bolts.

The Fortress K hitchlock fits Albe cast head, Knott braked pressed head and Knott unbraked pressed head, may require removal of stand, as well as the Winterhoff WW8, WW13 & WW30 cast hitch. For unbraked trailers with the hitch to fit this hitchlock, the total height from the top to the bottom of the fixing bolt can be no more than 73mm to fit, due to the way the hitch is mounted on the drawbar. If the bolts on the hitch are too long, they can be ground down to fit as necessary.

This hitchlock fits on some Ifor Williams trailers and other unbraked trailers, where the maximum height of the hitch, including bolts and drawbar is 73mm. The bolts can be trimmed down to suit, as long as there is a couple of threads exposed from the nut. For confirmation for which model hitch fits this hitchlock, please refer to our hitch lock selection fitting guide below.

This hitchlock will fit hitched and unhitched to towing vehicle, to prevent your car and trailer being separated in a car park or motorway service station.

The maximum-security safe style lock on this hitchlock has twin hardened pins to lock and anti-drill protection on the lock to deter thieves.

The hitchlock finished in zinc pacifate and painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent.

Click here to download the Fortress hitchlock range fitting instructions.

Hitch Lock Finder Guide

Welcome to the SAS Hitch Lock finder. Letters A – W show different hitches down the left hand column, corresponding with the hitch photos above the table. Along the top shows the hitch models and where the table shows a spot, that hitch lock should fit.

This Hitch Lock finder guide is not exhaustive and may not include your hitch if it is not so common. If you can’t find your hitch on this table or want further clarification on what hitch lock will fit your hitch, please contact us by sending us a photo of your hitch and one of our team will try to assist further. The hitch mounting on the trailer draw bar/A-Frame could also affect which hitch locks will fit so please bear this in mind. The Fortress Range of Hitch Locks works best on braked trailers.

The hitches most commonly found on Ifor Williams Trailers is Hitch ‘O’, the Knott Avonride Head which fits the FortA. The Hitch found on Indespension trailers is shown in photo ‘N’ – see the FortIB. Larger caravans will almost always have a Stabiliser Hitch by Alko and one of J, K or L – see Fort2Gold. Where the Caravan is older, the Winterhoff Stabiliser ‘W’ is common. Alko hitches are a common choice by trailer manufacturers and smaller caravans otherwise as shown in items D, E, F, G, & H. Please be aware that any hitch can be on any trailer so we always recommend careful checking. There is nothing to stop anyone changing the hitch from what the manufacturer first fitted. Even the manufacturer may change their hitch from what we have at time of writing!

Please click the link for Hitch Locks to see the full range.

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