KARTT 48mm Anti-Slip Ribbed Jockey Wheel

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KARTT 48mm Anti-Slip Ribbed Jockey Wheel KJW4804

  • Recommended only for heavier twin-axle caravans.
  • Anti-slip ribbed tube for additional grip under heavier dynamic loads.
  • Suitable for use with motor movers and heavier nose weights.

All features

  • Only recommended for exceptionally heavy nose-weights and twin-axle caravans.
  • Longer body length.
  • Ribbed tube for additional grip.
  • Double tube thickness.
  • Will not puncture! -Strong and pliable rubber tyre
  • Smooth travel across almost all surfaces making tarmac, gravel, chippings, grass and sand easy.
  • Tough and durable to withstand high impact over curbs and cobbles.
  • Ideal for use with motor movers.
  • Easy to grab and steer with an ergonomically designed knob for easy grip, even in the wet.
  • maintenance-free special nylon bearing allowing free running and no metal-to-metal wear.
  • High quality metal and plating used on all components.
  • Corrosion resistant and fully protected against rust from road and sea salt with a powder-coated baked-on colour rim.

Wheel ø     200 x 56 mm Length ext     230 mm


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