Knott-Avonride 750 kg Independent Trailer suspension units/hubs 100mm PCD for 13″ wheels


Knott-Avonride 750 kg Independent Trailer suspension units/hubs for 13″ wheels

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Genuine Knott-Avonride 750 kg capacity suspension units complete with Mono Block bearings & 4x100mm pcd hubs.

Genuine Knott-Avonride 750 kg capacity extended stub axle suspension units 100mm PCD

Complete with 62mm Monobloc bearing 4 x100mm pcd hubs suitable for use with many Vauxhall and Volkswagen 13″ 4 stud rims ( must have a minimum 57mm diameter centre hole) as well as specific trailer wheels .  FIXING PLATES ARE NOT INCLUDED !!! but can be purchased separately.

The reasons we have gone for mono block bearings are:

They are sealed for life bearings so require no maintenance unlike taper roller bearings that require regular cleaning and re-greasing.

They last longer than taper roller bearings due to being a much more modern design and build.

They run a lot better than taper roller bearings at high speeds, so perfect for motorways and long journeys.

We are official parts stockists for : Knott- Avonride , Bradley – Dixon-Bate, Alko-Kober  ,Maypole and Aspock lighting systems.

We are UK official importers for Lider trailers and  sole Lancashire stockist for Erde Trailers we also stock Meredith and Eyre trailers.

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