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The Diamant SG3 is a safe and reliable bike carrier for the transportation of 3 bicycles.

  • Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles (also e-bikes) and wheel dimensions
  • An ingenious folding system makes it easy to carry and store
  • Extremely easy and quick fitting onto the tow bar with the patented quick connector
  • Trunk stays always accessible by an easy to use tilt mechanism
  • The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders
  • Flexible lockable and removable “Easy Fix” frame holders
  • Storage bag included
  • Lighting via a combined 7 and 13 -pin (Jeager) plug
  • Immediate usage from the carton
  • The bike carrier can be locked with lock on quick connector
  • Including fog light and reverse driving lighting (only works via the 13-pin plug)
  • European permission given by the RDW
  • In combination with the ride-on ramp (art. 91726) you can even more easy ride your bicycle onto the bike carrier

The Diamant SG3 is also available for 2 bicycles (also e-bikes), the Diamant SG2. The predecessor of these Second Generation bike carriers, the Pro-User® Diamant, is rated as Best Buy in 2012, 2014 ánd 2015.

Technical specifications
Name Diamant SG3 91735
Number of bicycles 3
Tiltable yes
Foldable yes
Mounting of bicycles lock- and removable frame holders
Weight 21 kg
Max. carrying weight 60 kg
Color black
Material coated steel + aluminium
E-bikes yes
Diameter bicycle frame 22 – 75 mm
Max. wheel base 1250 mm
Max. wheel tire width 55 mm
Gutter spacing 220 mm
Size 115x67x74 cm
Size folded 30×68,5×77,5 cm