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TG Bike Rack

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PRO user Diamant TG Bike rack for up to 2 bikes.

Pro-User® bike carriers has enlarged their product range. The Diamant TG is the most recent development within the Diamant

This tow ball bike carrier is suitable for 2 (electric) bicycles but to extend very easily with a 3rd bicycle.
  • Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles (also e-bikes) and wheel dimensions
  • An ingenious folding system makes it easy to carry and store
  • Extremely easy and quick fitting onto the tow bar with the patented quick connector
  • Trunk stays always accessible by an easy to use tilt mechanism
  • The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders
  • Flexible lockable and removable holders
  • Lighting via a combined 7 and 13 -pin (Jeager) plug
  • Immediate usage from the carton
  • The bike carrier can be locked with lock on quick connector
  • Including fog light and reverse driving lighting (only works via the 13-pin plug)
  • European permission given by the RDW
Optional for this bike carrier: storage bag, ride-on ramp and the 3rd bike extension
Technical specifications
Name Diamant TG 91748
Number of bikes 2
Tillable yes
Foldable yes
Weight 17 kg
Max. carrying weight 60 kg
Material steel + aluminium
E-bikes yes
Mounting of bicycles frame holder with lockable strap
Diameter bicycle frame universal
Max. wheelbase 1350 mm
Max. wheel tire width 60 mm
Gutter spacing 230 mm
Size 140x69x60 cm
Size folded 30x71x60 cm