Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer SP74S



Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer 7’x4′ 750Kg SP74S

Graham Edwards sheep and pig livestock trailers are ideal for transporting sheep, pigs and other small livestock. This cost effective little trailer is available in 6 foot and 7 foot versions and features an alloy floor and loading gates.

They are very handy little trailer to have around if you move livestock regularly.

The sheep and pig livestock is an un-braked trailer with a gross load of 750 kg and is an excellent choice for professional farmers and for show usage. With a low unladen weight this trailer is extremely flexible, it is easy to move around and can be towed comfortably behind small domestic cars.


  • Max. Gross Vehicle Weight (G.V.W) 750Kg
  • wheels 20.5 x 10
  • Single Axle
  • Full 7 pin Road Lighting
  • Spare wheel

Delivery maybe arranged please call 01254681953 for more details

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