SPP Trailer & Caravan Hitch Lock


ZZ-03A Trailer / Caravan Hitch Lock

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Standard SPP Hitch Lock ZZ-03A

A visible theft deterrent a quality hitch lock prevents your Trailer / caravan from being hitched up and towed away. The first step in protecting your Trailer/ caravan from theft is providing a deterrent to thieves, who are often opportunists that will make off with the least secure-looking vehicles. Hitch locks are an effective and visible anti-theft device that can help provide this deterrent.

When in place these locks cover the hitch and make it impossible for thieves to attach your caravan / trailer to their own car and tow it away. This gives you peace of mind that your caravan is safe and sound in the campsite – right where you left it.

This product is suitable for the vast majority of  light trailer coupling heads and older caravans without stabiliser friction plates.

Dimension: 200mm X 133mm X 90mm supplied with padlock and 2 keys.

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We are official parts stockists for : Knott- Avonride , Bradley – Dixon-Bate, Alko-Kober  ,Maypole and Aspock lighting systems.

We are UK official importers for Lider trailers and  sole Lancashire stockist for Erde Trailers we also stock Meredith and Eyre trailers.


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